How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Just imagine we are a month into the new year. A time when many people already begin giving up on their new year resolutions. It could be to get more daily steps in, go to the gym you signed up for, or take that new, fun cycle class. Regardless of what your health-related resolution is, here are some tips on how to stick to your new year’s resolution!

One Thing at a Time

It may be beneficial for you to only make one resolution each year. Preferably one you haven’t attempted before. If you do make more than one resolution, focus on one or one section of it at a time. You’ll be able to focus more clearly, stay accountable, and give it your all.

Make it Fun

If your goal is to lose weight or go to the gym 3-5 times a week, you’ll be more successful by doing an activity that you find fun. It could be kickboxing, yoga, cycling, or even lifting weights. Find a new podcast or audiobook to listen to while on your chosen machine. This will help you look forward to your workouts rather than dread returning and falling back into bad habits.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Using a fitness tracker will help you keep accountable, track your progress, and celebrate your wins. If you’re able to, use one that your family and friends use as well. Many fitness trackers offer friendly competitions or goals. It’s more fun to participate when there’s a little friendly competition involved!

Put it on Your Calendar

This may seem out of the ordinary to some, but it’s hard to ignore anything that’s on your digital calendar. If you want to be successful with your health resolutions, schedule it and set up reminder notifications. You’ll be less likely to forget or make excuses.

Ask for Support

If you feel overwhelmed with achieving your goals, ask for support. Maybe you need a gym buddy for a month, or maybe you need someone to keep you accountable. You might even need a massage or chiropractic to help your muscles recover from a great workout. Whatever your health goal is, ask for support when you need it!

Using these tips and tricks are very important in achieving your health-related resolutions. Now that you have equipped yourself with some tools to stick to your new year’s resolution, focus on your goal and set up some action steps. Once you hit one goal, keep going! Just remember to focus on them one at a time!


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